Pollution Prevention

Groundwater quality is important for maintaining human uses of groundwater and protecting the environment. The quality of groundwater is especially important for ensuring safe drinking water. The National Ground Water Association estimates that 49% of the U.S. population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply from either a public source or private well. For more information on drinking water issues, see TGPC's Groundwater as Drinking Water Page.

Preventing contamination from occurring preserves groundwater quality. Removing contaminants from an aquifer can be costly and at times technologically infeasible. Pollution prevention is a much wiser, cheaper, and safer way of preserving the use of groundwater. To learn about groundwater quality in Texas, look at the TGPC's Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report (see the TGPC Publications webpage for the current version).

Pollution Prevention for Public and Private Entities

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has a host of programs for helping public and private entities reduce or eliminate pollution.

Prevention in the City

Prevention in the Country

Reporting Contamination

For reporting unauthorized discharges and spills, please call Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) within 24 hours after occurrence at 1-800-832-8224.
TCEQ Emergency Response

For reporting historic contamination, please submit written notification to the appropriate TCEQ Regional Director within 10 days of discovery. Find your Regional Office. Please include as much information possible about:

  • the exact address and location of the contamination
  • date and method of discover
  • the nature of historic contamination
  • possible sources of contamination
  • estimation of the extent of contamination
  • the current property owner or operator of the site
  • any other appropriate information

For imminent and dangerous situations, contact TCEQ Emergency Response at 1-800-832-8224 and the Regional Office.

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