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Mr. Kelly Mills
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
MC 203
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

Phone: (512) 239-4600

The TGPC responds to email inquiries within two business days. If you have a groundwater emergency, please contact your TCEQ Regional Office.

To receive e-mail or text notification of upcoming Texas Groundwater Protection Committee (TGPC) quarterly meetings as well as other important TGPC-related announcements, go to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) home page ( and click on “Sign Up for Email Updates” under the “Connect with Us” heading. The TGPC will be listed under “Water Quality”.

  • The e-mail subscription service used by the TGPC is free, and no personal information is required. After entering an e-mail address, options include subscribing to other topics and password protecting your list of subscriptions. You can change your e-mail address or remove yourself from this service at any time.
  • When you e-mail the TGPC or otherwise provide your personal e-mail address, please know that personal e-mail addresses are generally confidential by law and cannot be disclosed. If anyone requests an e-mail address under the Public Information Act without a clear exception to this requirement, the TGPC must deny that request and seek a Texas Attorney General opinion on whether the e-mail address may be released. The TGPC does not sell e-mail addresses.