Drilling a Well

Poor construction or maintenance of a well can severely effect its longevity and water quality. The Texas Groundwater Protection Committee recommends that citizens use professional, licensed water well drillers and pump installers for constructing and maintaining a well. While the state can not guarantee the work of any drilling and pump business, the licensing of professionals helps hold professional drillers and installers accountable for their work, encourage high technical standards, and promote quality construction. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) investigates citizen's drilling complaints and maintains a database of licensed drillers and pump installers:

  • Click on “SEARCH SITE” at the top of the home page, and then “Search Licensees”.
  • Select “Water Well Drillers, Pump Installers” from the Inquire by License Type pulldown menu, and any other qualifying information, and then click on “Search”.

Regardless of who drills a well, constructions standards and Groundwater Conservation District (GCD) rules must be followed. A licensed driller will take responsibility and liability for the constructions standards and will usually be knowledgeable of GCD requirements. However, the landowner is also responsible for abiding by GCD policies and should become familiar with their new well-owner responsibilities.