TGPC Groundwater Research Subcommittee

On April 22, 2015, the Groundwater Research Subcommittee was deactivated and its responsibilities and focus areas were incorporated into the Groundwater Issues Subcommittee. The information below is maintained as a historical record.

Research Needs
Meeting Records

Research Needs

Groundwater management policies and decisions are greatly facilitated by sound research that is tailored to specific environmental and regulatory problems. The traditional research organizations, generally associated with universities, in both the agricultural and natural resource sectors, have developed the experience, infrastructure, and technical expertise needed to address these complex research needs.

The Groundwater Research Subcommittee worked to identify interagency research needs and provide a coordinated approach for discussion with potential funding sources. The Subcommittee worked to:

  • identify projects where shared resources could support research to solve problems that are common to all committee members,
  • utilize expertise from many different subject areas in a multi-disciplinary approach,
  • identify opportunities for cooperatively applying to federal agencies for pass-through monies,
  • facilitate cooperation by identifying ways to join research forces with state or federal agencies and local governmental entities,
  • help universities develop stronger research proposals to address specifically identified problems, and
  • facilitate communication between research organizations when research initiatives overlap.

One result of this effort was the Texas Groundwater Data Dictionary (Help with PDF.). The result of more than two years of work among representatives of ten state, federal and local agencies, and the private sector, the data dictionary provides a standardized framework to Texas professionals for collecting and storing groundwater information. In addition, the dictionary outlines specific guidelines for implementing state and federal requirements.

A more detailed explanation of the Subcommittee’s goals was provided in its Subcommittee Charge.

White Papers

Meetings of the Groundwater Research Subcommittee

The Subcommittee was co-chaired by the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology and Texas A&M AgriLife Research. Meetings were held quarterly and were open to the public.

Records of Groundwater Research Subcommittee Meetings

Meeting Records