TGPC Data Management Subcommittee

On April 22, 2015, the Data Management Subcommittee was deactivated and its responsibilities and focus areas were incorporated into the Groundwater Issues Subcommittee. The information below is maintained as a historical record.

Purpose and Projects
Meeting Records

Subcommittee Purpose and Projects

Scientific data is crucial to good management of groundwater resources. To improve the data sharing between various levels of government, the academic community, and the private sector, the TGPC formed the Data Management Subcommittee in 1992. The Data Management Subcommittee had three purposes:

  • To further integrate groundwater data management across all TGPC member agencies and organizations;
  • To design and facilitate a formal Committee process for the coordination/integration of groundwater data collection and the assessment of groundwater quality; and,
  • To provide recommendations for the continuing improvement of groundwater data collection and assessment for the state’s groundwater protection programs.

One result of this effort was the Texas Groundwater Data Dictionary (Help with PDF.). The result of more than two years of work among representatives of ten state, federal and local agencies, and the private sector, the data dictionary provides a standardized framework to Texas professionals for collecting and storing groundwater information. In addition, the dictionary outlines specific guidelines for implementing state and federal requirements.

A more detailed explanation of the Subcommittee’s goals was provided in its Subcommittee Charge.

Subcommittee Meetings

The Data Management Subcommittee was comprised of interested TGPC member agencies and individuals. The Subcommittee met on an as-needed basis. Meetings were open to the public.

Records of Data Management Subcommittee Meetings

Meeting Records