Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Role in the TGPC

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TCEQ LogoThe Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) holds the chair for the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee. The TCEQ is the state’s lead agency for water resources and environmental protection. The TCEQ administers both state and federally mandated programs including:


The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Manages municipal and industrial wastes.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

Manages the Superfund Cleanup Program.

The Clean Water Act

Manages pollutant releases to state waters.

The Safe Drinking Water Act

Manages public drinking water supplies.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

Develops pesticide management programs for groundwater.



TCEQ’s Groundwater Related Programs

Office of Water

Responsible for:

All aspects of planning, permitting, and monitoring to protect the state’s water resources.

Relation to Groundwater:

Implements both the Public Drinking Water and the Groundwater Protection programs.


Water Availability Division

Responsible for:

Providing technical support to promote effective and coordinated management of water resources in the state within the Office of Water.

Relation to Groundwater:

Chairs committee and analyzes groundwater policy issues.


Groundwater Planning and Assessment Team

Responsible for:

Helping develop rules, conducting groundwater protection programs, providing technical assistance, preparing reports, and supporting coordinated groundwater quality activities conducted by all state agencies through the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee within the Water Availability Division.


Office of Compliance and Enforcement

Responsible for:

Assuring that regulated entities comply with permits and agency rules.

Relation to Groundwater:

Assures compliance with provisions related to groundwater quality protection and the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program and provides for remediation and corrective action to address groundwater contamination.


More information regarding the various groundwater protection programs within this agency can be found in the current version of the TGPC’s Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report.