Texas Alliance of Groundwater District’s Role in TGPC

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The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts (TAGD) is the umbrella organization composed of groundwater conservation districts within the state. Its membership is restricted to groundwater conservation districts which have the powers and duties to manage groundwater as defined in Chapter 36 of the Water Code.

The Alliance was formed to further the purposes of groundwater conservation and protection activities. The Alliance provides a means of communication and exchange of information between individual groundwater conservation districts on issues ranging from the day-to-day operation of local groundwater management to statewide groundwater resource policy issues. Members of TAGD are part of a network in which valuable technical and operational experience is available to Alliance members and the interested public. TAGD Members also serve on various local, state, and federal agency committees and subcommittees and maintain contact with members of the private sector and various elected officials.

More information regarding the various groundwater protection programs within this organization can be found in the current version of the TGPC’s Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report.

A contact list for all of the state’s created and confirmed Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) can be found on TCEQ’s Groundwater Conservation Districts webpage.