Bureau of Economic Geology’s Role in the TGPC

Bureau of Economic Geology Web Site

BEG Logo The Bureau of Economic Geology is a research entity of The University of
Texas at Austin and functions as the State Geological Survey.


The Bureau conducts basic and applied research projects, including environmental site assessment and investigations of groundwater resources and groundwater quality. As part of sponsored research projects, Bureau staff measure groundwater quality and water levels in select public and private wells throughout the state. Data are used to interpret rates and modes of hydrological processes and the source and movement of groundwater.

Public Outreach and Education

The Bureau responds to questions and requests for information, gives presentations to groups and produces many publications including research, reports and geologic maps. The Bureau also participates in numerous public education programs, including providing lesson plans and demonstration projects for kindergarten through 12th grade.

More information regarding the various groundwater protection programs within this organization can be found in the current version of the TGPC’s Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report.